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The Symbols of Diplomacy


December 04, 2021
#Diplomacy: This should be a symbol of Diplomacy … – Selected Tweets – 12:47 PM 12/4/2021 
#Diplomacy This should be a symbol of Diplomacy: The #Fireman extinguishes small pockets of the build-up methane by igniting them, one by one, in the controlled fashion; and thus prevents the large build-ups and the disastrous chain reaction explosions.
Michael Novakhov
#Listvyazhnaya #Russia The Penitent, or Fireman. This was the miner who, swathed in damp sacking, undertook the task of igniting pockets of Methane, called Fire-damp which, if allowed to build up, could cause disastrous explosions … 1877. Engraving
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